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I understand when somebody corrects something on a piece you did and you know very well they're wrong (i.e. "um boobs dont droop lol they go in2 a cleavage naturaly : PP"), but if somebody is genuinely giving tips like telling you how to shade or highlight properly or showing you some guides, please don't just go, "nah lol i like my style : P".

If you like your style and don't seek improvement, I have no idea why you're on DeviantArt. How about you send your kind critics over to me so I can actually improve since you apparently don't want to.

It's annoying, and we just want you to become better. Be a bit grateful that somebody tells you that just adding black doesn't mean the object is shaded and instead just looks like a terrible shading.

What's more, when critiquing, "wow this sucks...the proportions are so fuckin off:// stop drawin lol.." is not a critique. It's an insult and demeaning and does the exact opposite of what a critique should do; it discourages the practice of art.

Remember, if they don't tell you why it sucks, they're not a critic, they're an asshole.
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Hi! I am Kevin. I am from the USA, I am 18, and I like to draw...of course.
I'm a severely amateur artist when it comes to using art programs on the computer. I wish to change that, but frankly, tutorials on Google are very complex, and nobody I know in real life can really teach it. If I come across a class for it, I'll jump out of my seat for it.
So, for the time being, I draw. I occasionally paint (but being unemployed and 18, I have very little money and frankly can just afford low quality acrylics).
I aspire to be some sort of illustrator, but overall, I'm unsure about my future.
When that happens, it'll happen.

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